Zenbook UX31A-BHI5T Review

The Zenbook UX31A-BHI5T (or Zenbook Touch) is one of Asus’s higher end ultra-books. This model seems to be a Best Buy exclusive and sports the following specifications:
4GB of memory
3rd Generation Intel Core-i5 1.7Ghz
SD Card Reader
1080p IPS display
2x USB 3.0 ports
and a touchscreen!

What’s Included?
Included in the box is the laptop, a very nice case with a magnetic clasp, a usb-to-ethernet adapter, a vga-to-mini-vga adapter, and a case to carry these accessories.

This laptop is gorgeous. The black finish on it made it look very sleek. It has a 8.8″ x 12.8″ and weighs in at only 2.9 lbs. Everything looks and feels high quality!

Keyboard: The keyboard feels really nice. There’s absolutely no flex (trampolining) and it feels good to type on. The back light may not be exactly even in all areas but this will only bother you if you are extremely nit-picky.

This is one of the issues with this laptop. While this touchpad isn’t as bad as some people suggest, it can be rather finicky at times. The touch pad sometimes will just not resister that you’re touching it. Overall though, I like the size and positioning of the touchpad. The gestures help make the Windows 8 experience a good one.

What can I say? This this has a gorgeous display with a good color balance. The 1080p give users a good amount of working space and everything on it looks crisp and amazing. The touch screen is very responsive and supports 5-point multi-touch. This was especially nice for working with the Metro Windows 8 UI. Unfortunately this display comes with a pretty big downside. The backlight bleed is awful. In a room that was not fully lit I could see light spots all over the bottom of my screen and a few up the side. When the screen was dark I could see uneven blackness around the screen and the spots were terribly obvious.

The computer came with several Asus apps that I didn’t want to use but getting rid of them was not an issue. As far as bloatware goes, I consider this to have a low to medium amount of bloatware.

Hard Drive:
The hard drive was snappy. 120SSD was small for a $1100 computer but for me it wasn’t an issue. For my purposes,  I consider 120GB to be an acceptable amount of space. The partitioning on this hard drive was not acceptable however, It comes with two partitions that are for recovery and eat up almost 25GB of space! You end up with just a bit over 90GB of usable space.

Wireless: The wireless reception on this laptop was pretty good. I did notice quite a few wireless drops when using this (sometimes up to 4-5 times an hour). I did not try any other wireless drivers so this may have been fixed in a driver update.

Overall: This is a good ultrabook. I wouldn’t call it great given my issues with the touchpad, the backlight bleed, and the wifi. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask in a comment!


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