Lenovo Y400 Review

I’ve had this laptop for over a month now and have been using it as my main machine. This laptop is a 14″ powerhouse capable of pushing out most games at high settings! If you’re looking at this post you’re probably in the market for a gaming laptop I can highly recommend this laptop.

The good:

  • Great specs and gaming performance
  • Pretty (for a gaming laptop)
  • Expandable Ultrabay
  • Love the keyboard

The Bad:

  • The screen
  • The touchpad
  • The Hard Drive (My Opinion)

Specs –

This laptop comes with all the beefy specs you would look for in a gaming laptop. I have the 2.4Ghz i7 model with 8GB of RAM and the 1TB 5400 RPM HDD. It also comes with the NVIDIA GT750M 2B video card with the optional bay to add a second card. That’s crazy awesome! Personally I took out the 1TB HDD and replaced it with a 250G SSD. The process to change that out is incredibly easy and made the laptop that much faster! It’s also rockin’ 3 USB 3.0 ports and one always on of the USB ports is an always on charging port for your phone (which can come in handy). It has gigabit Ethernet, SD card reader , VGA, HDMI, and audio and microphone out.


Despite that you can pick one of these up for $750 it does not feel cheap at all. It is made of plastic but that doesn’t make this particular model feel cheap. The top and bottom have a subtitle mesh texture to them which I personally think look (and feel) really nice. The fans aren’t loud unless you’re doing intense gaming but even then it’s not too bad. I’m not sure but the part of the body where the keyboard is inset feels like aluminum and very sturdy. There is absolutely no flex on the keyboard and the red back-light isn’t as cheesy as I thought it might be. This keyboard offers one of my favorite keyboard on a laptop. It’s got plenty of give in the keys and the spacing took no time at all to get used to! The screen though….. UGHHHH. The resolution is something I knew going into the laptop but I didn’t realize how that would actually be to use. In my opinion 1366×768 isn’t enough space to get any real work done. The vertical viewing angles on this thing are also pretty bad. There’s really only a couple of degrees of usable angle before you start to get pretty distorted color. The sound out of this is acceptable, but not great. However, the volume can get very loud. No complains with the webcam or built in microphone. One cool thing they have is the one touch recovery. In the past, to get to your bios or boot menu you would have to mash some key at bootup to get in to the bios menu. NOT ANYMORE! On this they have a much smaller power button on the left side you can press to boot straight into the boot menu! One of my other complains is the touchpad. The first laptop I received had a faulty touchpad and the bottom right corner of the touchpad would not work. I got it replaced (which was incredibly easy despite Lenovo shipping it to the wrong address >.<) and the new touchpad can be used in all areas but near the edges I have severely reduced sensitivity.


This comes with a buttload of software you wont care about but you can always uninstall it. It didn’t come with anything really noteworthy.


Despite the screen this laptop pumps out games better than my old desktop ( gt460se, amd x4 phenom II, 16GB ram) and is pretty and solid feeling. If you can get past the resolution then this will be the laptop for you!

Small note to owners: 

If you hear a high pitch hissing sound you can get rid of this by going to the Lenovo Energy Management application and turning off “Intelligent Power Saver”


If you have any questions or see something I should add feel free to leave a comment below!


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