Can’t see Windows partition in Linux installation

If you run into an issue where you cannot see a previously made windows partition in the guided install of a Linux OS fixparts may be the solution for you. In my case I was able to fdisk -l and see the partitions. When I would go through the guided installed and choose manual partitioning my hard drive would show up as one empty volume.

How do I use fixparts?
Fixparts was really easy to use. I just went to their sourceforge page and downloaded the pre-compiled binary and on my Linux live disk installed it with sudo dpkg -i fixparts_0.8.8-1_amd64.deb . From there I identified my main drive with the command fdisk -l (note you may need to switch to the root user or use sudo to use this command). and from there it was as simple as running fixparts /dev/sdx (where /dev/sdx is the path of your hard drive previously found using fdisk). If you get the following prompt this was likely the solution to your issue and from here just choose Y to delete the GPT signatures

NOTICE: GPT signatures detected on the disk, but no 0xEE protective partition!
The GPT signatures are probably left over from a previous partition table.
Do you want to delete them (if you answer 'Y', this will happen
immediately)? (Y/N):

So what caused this?
If you previously used an operating system that used the GPT partition style instead of the MBR style there might still be remnants of this on your hard drive. In a lot of cases this won’t cause an issue but it seems that this will cause issues with some Linux installers.


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