Listen For Input BASH

Here’s a script I worked out at a Hackathon last weekend to listen for input in BASH without maxing your CPU.

#Listens for input on ttyACM0 (an arduino button) nd 
#output the string to a file. Note this file must 
#already exist and I highly recommend making a ram
#disk for it. It also backgrounds the listening
cat /dev/ttyACM0 >> /tmp/input &

#I had to sleep my script for 5 seconds to get 
#rid of a false trigger. You can probably delete this
sleep 5

#Clears out the file
echo -n "" > /tmp/input

while true; do

	if [ -s /tmp/input ]; then #If temp > 0b
		#do stuff!
		echo -n "" > /tmp/input #Clears the input
	sleep 1 #This sleep is important! it controls
                #The while loop.



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